In the circuit in the figure, the switch closes at time t = 0. What is the change of capacitor voltage and coil current in the range of 0-15 seconds? Show the solution in M. file and Simulink. Can you help me solve this question, please?

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Well, we can write the following set of equations:

$$ \begin{cases} \text{I}\left(t\right)=\text{V}_\text{R}\left(t\right)\\ \\ \text{I}\left(t\right)=2\text{V}_\text{L}'\left(t\right)\\ \\ \text{I}'\left(t\right)=2\text{V}_\text{C}\left(t\right)\\ \\ 20=\text{V}_\text{R}\left(t\right)+\text{V}_\text{L}\left(t\right)+\text{V}_\text{C}\left(t\right)\\ \\ \text{I}\left(0\right)=0\\ \\ \text{V}_\text{C}\left(0\right)=4 \end{cases}\tag1 $$

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