I have more than one third party model that I'm trying to import to the simulator in Eagle, which I believe is basically LTspice. I think the models I'm importing are PSpice. At least one is missing the .subckt and .ends syntax, and others have the proper syntax but I get errors that certain lines cannot be simulated or the model has a different number of pins from the part I'm assigning it to. Any help is much appreciated.

Improper syntax:

.MODEL NST45010 pnp
+IS=6.40452e-13 BF=10000 NF=1.27689 VAF=1000
+IKF=0.0486984 ISE=3.50933e-14 NE=1.48639 BR=0.313958
+NR=1.5 VAR=455.615 IKR=0.486984 ISC=1e-16
+NC=3.99246 RB=0.1 IRB=0.1 RBM=0.1
+RE=0.375422 RC=3.90338 XTB=0.1 XTI=1
+EG=1.206 CJE=1.14119e-11 VJE=0.643535 MJE=0.236664
+TF=6.0309e-10 XTF=1000 VTF=582.623 ITF=12.2508
+CJC=9.13615e-12 VJC=0.4 MJC=0.389243 XCJC=0.800175
+FC=0.8 CJS=0 VJS=0.75 MJS=0.5
+TR=1e-07 PTF=0 KF=0 AF=1

Improper syntax:

.MODEL NST45011 npn
+IS=2.13318e-12 BF=246.858 NF=1.25171 VAF=13.7501
+IKF=0.452519 ISE=3.43407e-10 NE=4 BR=24.6858
+NR=1.5 VAR=52.6697 IKR=4.52519 ISC=3.43407e-10
+NC=1.92734 RB=2 IRB=0.1 RBM=2
+RE=0.954359 RC=4.77179 XTB=5.22795 XTI=1
+EG=1.05 CJE=7.56956e-12 VJE=0.469867 MJE=0.31769
+TF=5.84833e-10 XTF=13.8699 VTF=48.1091 ITF=0.193693
+CJC=4.02125e-12 VJC=0.95 MJC=0.340626 XCJC=0.748803
+FC=0.8 CJS=0 VJS=0.75 MJS=0.5
+TR=1e-07 PTF=0 KF=0 AF=1

Certain lines cannot be simulated:

* Model Usage Notes: * 1. The following parameters are modeled: * OPEN-LOOP GAIN AND PHASE VS. FREQUENCY WITH RL, CL EFFECTS (Aol) * UNITY GAIN BANDWIDTH (GBW) * INPUT COMMON-MODE REJECTION RATIO VS. FREQUENCY (CMRR) * POWER SUPPLY REJECTION RATIO VS. FREQUENCY (PSRR) * DIFFERENTIAL INPUT IMPEDANCE (Zid) * COMMON-MODE INPUT IMPEDANCE (Zic) * OPEN-LOOP OUTPUT IMPEDANCE VS. FREQUENCY (Zo) * OUTPUT CURRENT THROUGH THE SUPPLY (Iout) * INPUT VOLTAGE NOISE DENSITY VS. FREQUENCY (en) * INPUT CURRENT NOISE DENSITY VS. FREQUENCY (in) * OUTPUT VOLTAGE SWING vs. OUTPUT CURRENT (Vo) * SHORT-CIRCUIT OUTPUT CURRENT (Isc) * QUIESCENT CURRENT (Iq) * SETTLING TIME VS. CAPACITIVE LOAD (ts) * SLEW RATE (SR) * SMALL SIGNAL OVERSHOOT VS. CAPACITIVE LOAD * LARGE SIGNAL RESPONSE * OVERLOAD RECOVERY TIME (tor) * INPUT BIAS CURRENT (Ib) * INPUT OFFSET CURRENT (Ios) * INPUT OFFSET VOLTAGE (Vos) * INPUT OFFSET VOLTAGE VS. TEMPERATURE (Vos Drift) * INPUT COMMON-MODE VOLTAGE RANGE (Vcm) * INPUT OFFSET VOLTAGE VS. INPUT COMMON-MODE VOLTAGE (Vos vs. Vcm) * INPUT/OUTPUT ESD CELLS (ESDin, ESDout) ***************************************************************************** .subckt OPA1678 IN+ IN- VCC VEE OUT ****************************************************** * MODEL DEFINITIONS: .model BB_SW VSWITCH(Ron=50 Roff=1e12 Von=700e-3 Voff=0) .model ESD_SW VSWITCH(Ron=50 Roff=1e12 Von=500e-3 Voff=100e-3) .model OL_SW VSWITCH(Ron=1e-3 Roff=1e12 Von=900e-3 Voff=800e-3) .model OR_SW VSWITCH(Ron=10e-3 Roff=1e12 Von=10e-3 Voff=0) .model R_NOISELESS RES(T_ABS=-273.15) ****************************************************** XV_OS N032 N044 VOS_DRIFT_OPA1678 R1 N036 N033 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 R2 N053 ESDn R_NOISELESS 1e-3 R3 N071 0 R_NOISELESS 1e12 C1 N071 0 1 R4 VCC_B N070 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 C2 N070 0 1e-15 C3 N072 0 1e-15 R5 N072 VEE_B R_NOISELESS 1e-3 G1 N036 N037 N005 N004 1e-3 R6 MID N049 R_NOISELESS 1e12 VCM_MIN N052 VEE_B 0.5 R7 N052 MID R_NOISELESS 1e12 VCM_MAX N049 VCC_B -2 XVCM_CLAMP N037 MID N045 MID N049 N052 VCCS_EXT_LIM_OPA1678 R8 N045 MID R_NOISELESS 1 C4 N046 MID 1e-15 R9 N045 N046 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 V4 N068 OUT 0 R10 MID N054 R_NOISELESS 1e12 R11 MID N055 R_NOISELESS 1e12 XIQp VIMON MID VCC MID VCCS_LIM_IQ_OPA1678 XIQn MID VIMON MID VEE VCCS_LIM_IQ_OPA1678 R12 VCC_B N009 R_NOISELESS 1e3 R13 N022 VEE_B R_NOISELESS 1e3 XCLAWp VIMON MID N009 VCC_B VCCS_LIM_CLAWp_OPA1678 XCLAWn MID VIMON VEE_B N022 VCCS_LIM_CLAWn_OPA1678 R14 VEE_CLP MID R_NOISELESS 1e3 R15 MID VCC_CLP R_NOISELESS 1e3 R16 N010 N009 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 R17 N023 N022 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 C5 MID N010 1e-15 C6 N023 MID 1e-15 R18 VOUT_S N055 R_NOISELESS 100 C7 VOUT_S MID 1e-12 G2 MID VCC_CLP N010 MID 1e-3 G3 MID VEE_CLP N023 MID 1e-3 XCL_AMP N007 N034 VIMON MID N013 N020 CLAMP_AMP_LO_OPA1678 V_ISCp N007 MID 50 V_ISCn N034 MID -37 XOL_SENSE_OPA1678 MID N042 N041 N051 OL_SENSE_OPA1678 R19 N034 MID R_NOISELESS 1e12 R20 N020 MID R_NOISELESS 1 C8 N021 MID 1e-15 R21 MID N013 R_NOISELESS 1 R22 MID N007 R_NOISELESS 1e12 C9 MID N014 1e-15 XCLAW_AMP VCC_CLP VEE_CLP VOUT_S MID N011 N018 CLAMP_AMP_LO_OPA1678 R23 VEE_CLP MID R_NOISELESS 1e12 R24 N018 MID R_NOISELESS 1 C10 N019 MID 1e-15 R25 MID N011 R_NOISELESS 1 R26 MID VCC_CLP R_NOISELESS 1e12 C11 MID N012 1e-15 XCL_SRC N014 N021 CL_CLAMP MID VCCS_LIM_4_OPA1678 XCLAW_SRC N012 N019 CLAW_CLAMP MID VCCS_LIM_3_OPA1678 R27 N011 N012 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 R28 N019 N018 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 R29 N013 N014 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 R30 N021 N020 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 R31 N042 MID R_NOISELESS 1 R32 N042 SW_OL R_NOISELESS 100 C12 SW_OL MID 1e-9 R33 VIMON N054 R_NOISELESS 100 C13 VIMON MID 1e-12 C_DIFF ESDp ESDn 6e-12 C_CMn ESDn MID 2e-12 C_CMp MID ESDp 2e-12 I_Q VCC VEE 2e-3 I_B N032 MID 10e-12 I_OS ESDn MID 1e-15 R34 IN+ ESDp R_NOISELESS 250 R35 IN- ESDn R_NOISELESS 250 R36 N024 MID R_NOISELESS 1 R37 N035 MID R_NOISELESS 1e12 R38 MID N016 R_NOISELESS 1 R39 MID N008 R_NOISELESS 1e12 XGR_AMP N008 N035 N015 MID N016 N024 CLAMP_AMP_HI_OPA1678 XGR_SRC N017 N025 CLAMP MID VCCS_LIM_GR_OPA1678 C17 MID N017 1e-15 C18 N025 MID 1e-15 V_GRn N035 MID -113 V_GRp N008 MID 113 R40 N016 N017 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 R41 N025 N024 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 R42 VSENSE N015 R_NOISELESS 1e-3 C19 MID N015 1e-15 R43 MID VSENSE R_NOISELESS 1e3 G5 N032 N033 N002 MID 1e-3 G8 MID CLAW_CLAMP N066 MID 1e-3 R45 MID CLAW_CLAMP R_NOISELESS 1e3 R47 N058 VCLP R_NOISELESS 100 C24 MID VCLP 1e-12 E4 N058 MID CL_CLAMP MID 1 E5 N055 MID OUT MID 1 H1 N054 MID V4 1e3 S1 N057 N056 SW_OL MID OL_SW R52 MID ESDp R_NOISELESS 1e12 R53 ESDn MID R_NOISELESS 1e12 R58 N033 N032 R_NOISELESS 1e3 R59 N070 N071 R_NOISELESS 1e6 R60 N071 N072 R_NOISELESS 1e6 R67 N037 N036 R_NOISELESS 1e3 G15 MID VSENSE CLAMP MID 1e-3 V_ORp N031 VCLP 8.8 V_ORn N026 VCLP -8.8 V11 N028 N027 0 V12 N029 N030 0 H3 N040 MID V12 10 S6 VCC OUT OUT VCC ESD_SW S7 OUT VEE VEE OUT ESD_SW E1 N063 0 N071 0 1 S8 N029 CLAMP CLAMP N029 OR_SW S9 CLAMP N028 N028 CLAMP OR_SW Xi_nn ESDn MID FEMT_OPA1678 Xi_np N044 MID FEMT_OPA1678 XVCCS_LIMIT_1 N046 N053 MID N047 VCCS_LIM_1_OPA1678 XVCCS_LIMIT_2 N047 MID MID CLAMP VCCS_LIM_2_OPA1678 R44 N047 MID R_NOISELESS 1e6 R68 CLAMP MID R_NOISELESS 1e6 G7 MID N066 N065 MID 1e-6 R69 N066 MID R_NOISELESS 1e6 H2 N050 MID V11 -10 Xe_n N044 N043 VNSE_OPA1678 R51 N043 ESDp R_NOISELESS 1e-3 R71 N041 N040 R_NOISELESS 100 R72 N051 N050 R_NOISELESS 100 C27 N041 MID 1e-12 C28 N051 MID 1e-12 XVCCS_LIM_ZO_OPA1678 N062 MID MID N067 VCCS_LIM_ZO_OPA1678 Rdc3 N038 MID R_NOISELESS 1 R92 N038 N039 R_NOISELESS 1e4 R93 N039 MID R_NOISELESS 4.286e3 G24 MID N048 N039 MID 3.3333 C33 N039 N038 8.842e-13 R94 N048 MID R_NOISELESS 1 G25 MID N038 VSENSE MID 1 C36 CLAMP MID 1.806e-8 G4 MID CL_CLAMP CLAW_CLAMP MID 1e-3 R62 MID CL_CLAMP R_NOISELESS 1e3 R46 N002 MID R_NOISELESS 2e3 R48 N002 N001 R_NOISELESS 1e8 G9 MID N001 ESDp MID 20e-3 Rsrc2 N001 MID R_NOISELESS 1 C16 N002 N001 6.366e-12 C21 N004 N003 3.98e-10 R49 N004 MID R_NOISELESS 22.86 R50 N004 N003 R_NOISELESS 1e8 G10 MID N003 VEE_B MID 0.4375 Rsrc4 N003 MID R_NOISELESS 1 C14 N005 N006 3.98e-10 R54 N005 MID R_NOISELESS 22.86 R55 N005 N006 R_NOISELESS 1e8 G6 MID N006 VCC_B MID 0.4375 Rsrc1 N006 MID R_NOISELESS 1 Rx N068 N067 R_NOISELESS 1.45e5 Rdummy N068 MID R_NOISELESS 1.45e4 G11 MID N056 CL_CLAMP N068 88.5 Rdc1 N056 MID R_NOISELESS 1 R56 N056 N057 R_NOISELESS 1e8 R57 N057 MID R_NOISELESS 2.83e6 G12 MID N059 N057 MID 36.39 C15 N057 N056 2.14e-10 R61 N059 MID R_NOISELESS 1 R63 N059 N060 R_NOISELESS 9e8 R64 N060 N069 R_NOISELESS 1e8 C23 MID N069 3.18e-18 Gb2 MID N061 N060 MID 1 R65 N061 MID R_NOISELESS 1 R66 N061 N062 R_NOISELESS 1e8 R70 N062 MID R_NOISELESS 502.5e3 C25 N062 N061 3.18e-18 R73 N067 MID R_NOISELESS 1 G13 MID N027 N026 MID 1 G14 MID N030 N031 MID 1 R74 MID N027 R_NOISELESS 1 R75 MID N030 R_NOISELESS 1 S2 VCC ESDn ESDn VCC ESD_SW S3 VCC ESDp ESDp VCC ESD_SW S4 ESDn VEE VEE ESDn ESD_SW S5 ESDp VEE VEE ESDp ESD_SW S10 ESDp ESDn ESDn ESDp BB_SW S11 ESDn ESDp ESDp ESDn BB_SW G16 0 VCC_B VCC 0 1 G17 0 VEE_B VEE 0 1 R76 VCC_B 0 R_NOISELESS 1 R77 VEE_B 0 R_NOISELESS 1 G18 MID N064 N048 MID 1e-6 R79 N064 MID R_NOISELESS 1e6 G19 MID N065 N064 MID 1e-6 R80 N065 MID R_NOISELESS 1e6 C26 N064 MID 8.842e-16 C29 N065 MID 8.842e-16 C30 N066 MID 5.305e-16 RMID N063 MID R_NOISELESS 1e-2 .ends OPA1678 * .subckt VOS_DRIFT_OPA1678 VOS+ VOS- .param DC = 496.4e-6 .param POL = 1 .param DRIFT = 2E-06 E1 VOS+ VOS- VALUE={DC+POL*DRIFT*(TEMP-27)} .ends * .subckt CLAMP_AMP_HI_OPA1678 VC+ VC- VIN COM VO+ VO- .param G=10 GVo+ COM Vo+ Value = {IF(V(VIN,COM)>V(VC+,COM),((V(VIN,COM)-V(VC+,COM))*G),0)} GVo- COM Vo- Value = {IF(V(VIN,COM)10e-3 | V(4,1)>10e-3),1,0)} .ends OL_SENSE_OPA1678 * .subckt VCCS_EXT_LIM_OPA1678 VIN+ VIN- IOUT- IOUT+ VP+ VP- .param Gain = 1 G1 IOUT+ IOUT- VALUE={LIMIT(Gain*V(VIN+,VIN-),V(VP-,VIN-), V(VP+,VIN-))} .ends VCCS_EXT_LIM_OPA1678 * .subckt VCCS_LIM_3_OPA1678 VC+ VC- IOUT+ IOUT- .param Gain = 1 .param Ipos = 0.226 .param Ineg = -0.226 G1 IOUT+ IOUT- VALUE={LIMIT(Gain*V(VC+,VC-),Ineg,Ipos)} .ends VCCS_LIM_3_OPA1678 * .subckt VCCS_LIM_4_OPA1678 VC+ VC- IOUT+ IOUT- .param Gain = 1 .param Ipos = 0.452 .param Ineg = -0.452 G1 IOUT+ IOUT- VALUE={LIMIT(Gain*V(VC+,VC-),Ineg,Ipos)} .ends VCCS_LIM_4_OPA1678 * .subckt VCCS_LIM_CLAWp_OPA1678 VC+ VC- IOUT+ IOUT- G1 IOUT+ IOUT- TABLE {(V(VC+,VC-))} = +(0, 0.8E-3) +(30, 2.22e-3) +(48, 3.93e-3) +(49.6, 7.2e-3) +(50.4, 1.8e-2) .ends VCCS_LIM_CLAWp_OPA1678 * .subckt VCCS_LIM_CLAWn_OPA1678 VC+ VC- IOUT+ IOUT- G1 IOUT+ IOUT- TABLE {(V(VC+,VC-))} = +(0, 0.8E-3) +(35.2, 3.41e-3) +(36.8, 5.2e-3) +(38, 1.8e-2) .ends VCCS_LIM_CLAWn_OPA1678 * .subckt VCCS_LIM_IQ_OPA1678 VC+ VC- IOUT+ IOUT- .param Gain = 1e-3 G1 IOUT+ IOUT- VALUE={IF( (V(VC+,VC-)V(VC+,COM),((V(VIN,COM)-V(VC+,COM))*G),0)} GVo- COM Vo- Value = {IF(V(VIN,COM)
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    \$\begingroup\$ Please use the code, or <pre> and </pre> when pasting code. For some reason, tha last piece seems to big for the intepreter, and it won't be properly presented as code. Maybe it's a limitation in the site. \$\endgroup\$ Apr 4 '20 at 10:54
  • \$\begingroup\$ The models run just fine for me. Be sure to not use the X prefix when using a .model, and vice-versa. I just copy-pasted the code straight from the editing of your question (because the last big chunk just won't appear correctly displayed as code). \$\endgroup\$ Apr 4 '20 at 11:01

The sections that you say are improper look fine to me. However, these are models and not subcircuits.

A model provides parameters (constants) that will be used in a set of equations that are already built-in to the simulator.

A subcircuit is a collection of more primitive components that are connected together.


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