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Hey y'all

First post, first experiment with audio equipment, not very proficient in writing in english. I sincerely hope someone is even going to read this mess of a post.

Because of circumstances, I own a guitar, a Big Muff, and no guitar amplifier. Searching thru grandma's belongings, I discovered this lovely little dictaphone, a Sony tcm-939.

I found the dictaphone has a 3.5mm mic input on the side, got curious and wanted to see if I could run my guitar through it. Sporting passive pickups, the guitar alone could send no signal, but going in and out the Big Muff, I found the dictaphone could "listen" to what signal I was feeding into that microphone input.

So, I can record on tape the line output of the big muff, and going back to listen to it it produces a wonderful distorted and compressed sound. But, here lies the problem: I can only listen to the sound it produces after I stop recording, rewind the tape, and play the recorded sound. What I hear live is just the acoustic sound of the guitar, nothing more.

Is there a way to hear a playback of the amplified guitar in real time, as the signal enters the dictaphone?


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