I have to build a microgrid in Matlab, and I think the best approch is using Simscape, as part of a bigger project. The problem is that I don't know much of electrical engineering since I study control systems.

My microgrid needs to have a building (or more than one) as load, but I have no idea on how to model this in Simscape.

I have seen that in the Simscape electrical library is present the block for three phase dynamic load, but I am not sure it is ok to use this to model a building load.

I have tried to refer to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_KjJqj_lBo

Unitl now my midel is the following:

enter image description here

where on the right it is present the threephase dynamic load, but I am sure it is wrong to do so.

I have also tried to look online at matlab tutorial on how to model a microgrid with Simscape, but they don' t explain much since these tutorials are more focusen how how to use the software than how to build a microgrid. So I am stuck at this point.

How do I model a building as a load of a microgrid using simscape?


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