Trying to use a car 12V to 20V (laptop charger) for my TS100 solder iron and trying to find out why it shuts off, i blew up some component(s). In trying to recover from that, created a partly schematic, but key is a chip in between PWM of microprocessor and P-channel FET.

housing: SOT363 (guess) label 46 :2(rotated) and some dots. I guess this is a FET driver, or just a PNP/NPN transistor pair to drive the FET.SOT363 46 :2

I've searched on internet and I could not find it. does one know what this exactly is?

Based on my reverse engineered (partly) schema, it could be a NPN/PNP transistor pair with base and emittor connected, and Collector of NPN to +20V, and Collector of PNP connected to ground. but that's just a best guess, a full driver IC also would be an option. An example datasheet which seems to mach pinout if it was a NPN/PNP IC: https://assets.nexperia.com/documents/data-sheet/BC846BS.pdf

Any idea's?

Thanks in advance,


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