I'm building a small LED driver microcontroller board and I'm looking for any advice y'all have on switching the power to it up to 9A (would take 3A, if necessary) at 3V - 5V, in a small package. I've not worked with high-side switches before, so I would love any recommendations or feedback you have.

For reference, this is the size of the board (a couple of chips were added recently, so it has even less space): enter image description here

Hardware Switch

I'm currently using a (GPTS203211B) push-button switch. For the size, the highest rating I can find is up to 1A at 30V.

Question: If it's rated 30V/1A (30W), could we assume that it would be okay at ~6A at 5V?

Otherwise, I feel like I should pair it with a solid-state high-side switch.

Solid State High-Side Switch

Any recommendations on a good high-side switch circuit or IC for this application? The board is already tight on space, so smaller and fewer additional parts is better. Through-hole would also be okay.

I'm currently looking at this one: https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/NCP45520IMNTWG-L/NCP45520IMNTWG-LOSCT-ND/5801848/?itemSeq=327830435


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"If it's rated 30V/1A (30W), could we assume that it would be okay at ~6A at 5V?" - No, as the current would obviously exceed the maximum rating.

You can use the below circuit to switch your load: enter image description here

You'll have to look for a PMOS with appropriate current rating and a gate-source threshold-voltage below 2.5V, though.


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