I am reading this datasheet and I want to drill the correct size hole into the board and I am confused what 5-ø1.2 means.

This diameter notation

I can't understand what the 5 and - sign mean? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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It means that there are 5 (quantity) of these holes, each has a diameter of 1.2 mm (+0.1 mm / -0 mm).


enter image description here

There are 5 holes (marked in blue) that need to be drilled 1.2 mm diameter.

It doesn't mean 5 minus 1.2 OR 5 minus \$\phi\$

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It means there are five of that hole somewhere on the diagram. Each one is nominally 1.2mm in diameter and can be up to 0.1mm larger than nominal or 0mm smaller than nominal.


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