I have a circular buffer in my code (TI 28027) saving around 500 data points. Is there a way to easily save this data to a text file in Code Composer 4? Right now I am just using watch window, stopping the code and using copy/paste but I need to manually scroll through the whole buffer first so it loads all the values.

Is there a way to do it through GEL scripts?

Does upgrading to CCS v5 help?


In CCS 5 (and probably in v4 too) you have a "Memory Browser" option under "View" menu. From that view you can save/load memory from your target, setting the start address, data-type and length of your data.
The output will be a binary file, but you can easily make a script to convert it to text (if needed)

This way you'll still need to pause the target. But you'll not need to scrool through the whole buffer.


In Code Composer 3.3 on a 2812 I used to just use printf. It would send it over the JTAG and print the values to the console within Code Composer. I then copied out of the console into a text file for processing.

The support is defiantly still there in v5.x for at least the MSP430 according to the TI Wiki. I don't have it installed at the moment so I can't check to see if it's available for C2000 processors. But just look through the options for printf support and C I/O support.


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