I want to acquire the values movement of two strain gauges attached to dc motor

For example, first strain gauge has values around 10000, the second has 20500 in 0 degree while the first is 10400, the second is 20200 in 5 degrees. After the motor is returned in 0 degree, the one is back again but the other is not every time.

so i wonder the reason why the value is changed and how to compensate for getting the fixed values in 0 degree

in 0 degree the first is 10000 the second is 20500

in 5 degrees the first is 10400 the second is 20200

and then back to 0 degree,

first case the first is 10000 the second is 20400

second case the first is 10150 the second is 20500

i'm looking forward to answering my questions


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