For a small hobby project, I need something that is able to variably and smoothly oscillate between the range of 300MHz-500MHz depending on a potentiometer (or some other sort of variable input). The output would be SIN. Any suggestions or admonishments would be very much appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


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What you probably want is a voltage-controlled oscillator or VCO. There are lots of vendors that sell them.

Many VCO's will have logic level (square wave) outputs --- you'll need to look for one specifically with a sine wave output.

Also, 300-500 MHz is nearly an octave tuning range. You may have to look through a lot of parts before you find one that can cover this range.

Alternately, if you're designing for a reasonable volume product or have a budget to back you up, most vendors of frequency control parts are very happy to do custom products. The main drawback is there's typically something like 16-24 week lead time to get one made custom.

If you are just doing a one-off, or can't afford the wait time, there are various ways to build your own from standard parts.

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