I'd like to design a circuit using the STPM34 (2 channel power meter) that can measure either the power and energy delivered on two separate 120V circuits (one circuit Red Wire, other circuit Black Wire), or the power and energy delivered on the 240V circuit (Red Wire + Black Wire).

The STPM34 reports complex power, and accumulates energy measurements over time. Fundamentally, is it the same to calculate these values by measuring the voltage between Red and Black (and current through Red/Black) as it is to calculate them both for Red-to-Neutral and Black-to-Neutral, then sum them?

  • \$\begingroup\$ Fundamentally no, but in your case maybe yes. The STPM is high precision, so what loads profiles on what kind of networks are you measuring? \$\endgroup\$ – P2000 Jul 16 at 5:10

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