I'm designing a product that will need to have USB type C ports on its front panel, and due to physical constraints with the design, I would like to use a USB type E connector in conjunction with a front panel cable (like this one) to accomplish this.

However, searching various online suppliers, I'm unable to find an actual manufacturer, part, part number, or any kind of datasheet for such a connector.

Here's an image of the connector I'm after:


(Note that while I'm primarily interested in the female surface-mount connector on the left, if you do happen to know where to get the bare cable-end connector on the cable to the right, that would certainly be helpful as well.)

The official specification for this connector calls it the "USB 3.1 Front-Panel Internal Connector", but that term isn't turning anything up for me either.

What manufacturers are currently making this connector, and what part numbers should I be searching for?

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    \$\begingroup\$ @mbedded For my application I am at least attempting to design it to do 20 Gbps USB 3.2 gen 2x2, but if what you say is true I may just have to put a regular type-c connector and use a type-c extension cable instead of this type-e. In any case if you're able to find a reference on that, that'd make a good answer (although not the one I'd like to hear). \$\endgroup\$ Commented Jul 17, 2020 at 14:03

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Thanks to the efforts of user Amyk in my post on the EEVBlog Forum, I now have part numbers from two manufacturers in China.

C8656-20CFDSAQR from Hsuan Mao Technology Co., Ltd
WU3IR-20A1L1PHW5 from WinWin Precision Industrial Co., Ltd

Not sure if actually procuring these parts will be practical/cost effective for my project, but at least now I have the information to find that out.


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