Right now im using AD8237 with MCP4725 to remove bridge unbalance. I'm using 3x 1k Ohm resistors and one strain gauge arranged in Wheatstone bridge.

My circuit looks like that: Current circuitry

It works perfect for me, but I came across two problems: -Availability of AD8237, -Need more samples / sec.

That's why now I'm thinking about moving to traditional in-amp like AD8421. I came up with such circuit:

New circuitry I don't have enough PCB space to drive in-amp Ref pin with Op-amp, and there comes first question - can i drive that with shunt reference? I't has low impedance of less than 1 Ohm, so it shouldn't be a problem?

Then I've cut half of bridge and replaced it with Reference voltage + DAC output voltage with two not-yet calculated resistors.

That do You think about it? Will it work or not?


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