I am required to design an NMOS switch in UMC130nm process which is capable of enduring approximately 10V VDS (drain to source) when the gate is 0V. And a current of approximately 50mA when the gate is open (Vgs = 3.3V). Below are the transistor list in umc130 library to which I suppose none would be suitable for my application. enter image description here

My question is, given the spec above, is there any way to make a custom layout of such transistor (no matter how irregular it would be) without having them placed automatically by Cadence or would it be too far fetched? Below is a graph of a DC sweep on a single N_12_HSL130E nmos transistor. enter image description here It seems when Vds = 10, given Vgs = 0, approximately 40mA current passes through the transistor which I think is an indication of a catastrophe if manufactured right? I also don't have access to the process documentation, there could be hints regarding this issue. So any help is very appreciable at this point.


To handle "high currents", you will need numerous (10+ contacts at source and drain and at any metal_to_metal layer changes.

There may be special rules about enlarging the wells around the active/source/drain regions.

And control signals (to the Gate) may be constrained in how they overlap active regions.

These rules will be in the Layout Manual.


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