application -

10 nodes 1 meter apart

120 Ohm terminating resistors at last node and 1st node

i hope to use ADM2486

data rate 10-17Mbps

vdd1 5V and isolated vdd2 5V

what is the max current consumption on vdd2 side is it 58mA at 20Mbps?


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Yes you are right. Thats what the datasheet states: 58mA at 20Mbps.

You may be interested, I think it was LT (linear technology), today part of analog devices, used to offer (>10 years ago) a part which integrates a RS485 transceiver + a dc/dc switchmode converter... so you only need a small transformer and you have a fully isolated solution with 1 IC. Maybe Ti is offering something similar.

Last maybe: Maybe you find these products with searching the keyword profibus, a very common RS485 based industrial bus.

small correction:


here you find what I mentioned, but it's a 2 IC solution... you also need a small LDO.

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