I'm trying to understand what an IV plot of a memristors tells me in terms of physical properties. So these are the questions with the relevant plots:

  1. If I have a pinched hysteresis loop that does not cross the origin (as in the image below), so either displaced on the x-axis or y-axis, or both, what does that physically signify? How does it differ from a memristor whose curve crosses the origin?

enter image description here

  1. How does a tilted pinched hysteresis loop differ in physical properties from one that is not titled? What does a rotation/tilt by an angle theta physically signify for a memristor ?

enter image description here

  1. What does the area of a pinched hysteresis loop resemble - if my input variable is voltage (so a voltage controlled memristor)? And what do different area values signify in terms of physical properties of memristors? And what is the effect of scaling on the physical properties of a memristor?

enter image description here

These are more generic questions that I am not sure of and I am not able to find answers to in the original Chua paper, answers or suggested references would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!


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