Access type is basically a pointer in VHDL although perhaps it is not exactly the same thing as a pointer in C. I have found many examples online whereby we are using the VHDL access type to dynamically allocate memory to create a linked-list or some other type.

What I am looking for is, a way by which the VHDL access type can be made to point to a specific signal inside a tesbench so I can manipulate it but I might want to do the same for another variable also. This way a part of code will set the pointer to a specific signal and then I will change the value of this pointer to affect that specific signal. In this way, I don't need repeat of code that does the same thing to each of those signals.

VHDL does not have concept of returning an address of something which can be done in C language using the & operator.

Is this possible in VHDL-2008?

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    \$\begingroup\$ Access types can't point to signals. "repeat of code that does the same thing to each of those signals" ... you CAN pass signals to procedures, as long as the arguments are of the same type. \$\endgroup\$ – Brian Drummond Sep 23 at 14:30

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