maybe you can try and help , i got Razer Blade Stealth 13.3" QHD+ Touchscreen Ultrabook, my charger that is 65W with 20v with 3.25a for 20v,was broken at the end of the conector at the end of the charger and when i opend to see what USB C type is it i saw 4 red lines and one blue and one more line , see attcehd photos and maybe you can help what needed for solder on a new C type Thanksenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here


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This question is a bit old but I found it looking for the same answer. Hopefully the OP found their answer elsewhere. After something digging into the USB-C PD protocol, which I believe is being used here, I determined only one pinout that made sense to me. The 4 red wires should be the 4 VBUS lines required by USB PD. As far as I am aware it does not matter which VBUS plugs to which, but make no guarantee. The blue line will be CC1 of the USB-C connector, this pin is used to determine plug orientation (irrelevant here), plug connection, and power delivery negotiation. The final wire (silver, exposed) is the GND wire (connects to 4 pins in the connector).

USB-C plug pinout. Pins A9, A4 (top, RTL) are VBUS, A5 is CC, A12 and A1 are GND. Pins B4, B9 (bottom, LTR) are VBUS, B1 and B12 are GND

Pinout image and more info found at https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/technical-articles/introduction-to-usb-type-c-which-pins-power-delivery-data-transfer/.

I plan on using this information to fix two broken Razer USB-C 65W power supplies, but have not finished the repairs yet.


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