The plan:

21S8P x2 (connected in parallel for discharge, charged individually) got brand new Molicell INR21700 P42A 4200Mah 45A rated (they are genuine, safety+reliability is paramount so I got them from a reputable US based reseller.) The controller can sustain 70A constant (96A peak) & up to 90V (this is where I get 21S.)

In my research I have seen a video where they add what IMO are multiple polyfuses (I asked them about that, got no reply) it looked like they put one in for each battery strings.

How do i find the specifications for them? Am I correct in my assumption that each string could use one?

NB: This is my first time asking info here, I hope I did this the right way and that I will learn more. I did read often about stuff and want to add a big TYVM to all who participate on this site.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Parallel for discharge/charged individually is a poor idea. Unless you connect them via a (< 1 ohm?) resistor to let them equalise after each charge cycle. Actually you might find that fusing each pack will do that nicely : check the R of each fuse. R's add in series for balancing, and share current in parallel to the load. And if one blows you may be able to limp on the other pack (half throttle!) until it resets. \$\endgroup\$ – Brian Drummond Oct 18 at 17:37

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