I have big problem and strange problem with the device,

I have connected it into Arduino

VS -  3.3V
SCL - A5
SDA - A4

didn't connect anything to ch1-3 and nothing to gnd\pow\vpu

using the simple i2cscanner code - it get stuck .

I thougth maybe something wrong in the wirring after disconnect the device - the code is running and say "No device found".

connected simple lcd i2c device - see the address correct connected old display - see the address correct

so - no prboem in the wirring \ code \arduino that is for sure 100% .

took 3 new cjmcu-322 - connect to the arduino with the correct pins, none of them works!

I have also try to add a 3.3K pullups resistors to the SDA\SCL lines - still can't see the them

what am I missing ?


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