I am trying to deploy the tensorflow lite speech commands example using mbed cli on the STM32F469I Discovery board as instructed in the following link: https://developer.arm.com/solutions/machine-learning-on-arm/developer-material/how-to-guides/build-arm-cortex-m-voice-assistant-with-google-tensorflow-lite/single-page

I manage to compile the example using the target name of the board and then copy the binary file to the board as instructed. The board LED LD5 and LD6 flash as I suppose it should. But then, I am not sure how to check if the program is working, as I do not observe any response from the board after the program is flashed.

I tried to connect my terminal to the board’s serial output, but was unsuccessful. The example in the provided link used the 'screen' command to acheive this. However, I do not see any serial output using that command. Please let me know how to establish serial communication with the board. I use a USB to UART cable to connect to the board, so I’m looking to establish the connection using this. Note that the example in the provided link uses the STM32F7 board, so I do not know screen is only compatible for that board.

Please let me know how I can run this program on this board and verify it is running correctly. As i mentioned, I connected the board to my PC using a USB to UART cable

I am using mbed cli on my Linux terminal: mbed cli version: 1.10.4 Global GCC Arm path: GCC_ARM_PATH=home/taiman/gcc-arm-none-eabi-9-2020-q2-update/bin Local config: TARGET=disco_f469ni TOOLCHAIN=GCC_ARM

Your help would be very much appreciated.


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