I finished the schematic for my 2.4GHz microstrip Wilkinson power divider. I am moving to the layout and trying to do the EM simulation, but I cannot figure out how to put a lumped element in the layout design. This is the error I am getting:

enter image description here

If anyone could help me put lumped elements into the EM simulation that would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!


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Unless you have EM model of resistor you cannot simulate it. Change the partition rule to circuit and run meshing and EM simulation. After that, create a component of this layout and place this as component this in a new schematic. The component looks like layout with pins at port ends and resistor. Now add the resistor in schematic and simulate S- Parameters.

Don't forget to place pins at the location you are placing resistor. They shouldn't be wrt to GND! Check out this example image I have cropped out from one of my design Observe pins 1,3,4

Pins 1 is wrt gnd which acts as Port 1 where as I place a passive component between port 3 and 4.

Check out this link for procedure to converting layout to component and simulating it. This is example of microstrip filter.


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