I'm planning on using an RS PRO 892-8732 bipolar stepper motor for a project and was following an online guide to familiarize myself with stepper motors. As the motor is bipolar, I'm also going to need a use a driver, specifically this one.

The driver I'm using has the following formula on the data sheet for it's maximum current:

ITripMAX = Vref / ( 8 × Rs)

The motor has a rated current of 1.68A (I'm assuming this is the peak current as the motor doesn't list a peak current on the data sheet), and the driver has an Rs of 0.11 ohms. This means I should set Vref to 1.4784 (rounding it down to 1.45 or lower as potentiometers aren't exact and I don't want to exceed the rated current).

I just want to sanity check this calculation with someone who might be more experienced with stepper motors.


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