I was about to attach an antenna to my 4g modem and thus trying to identify which connector is there on my modem board and i found this connector (4 of them, 2 for 4g and 2 for wifi).

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I tried connecting u.fl female pigtail to it and it does not work. I suspect it is a female ipex, but i know you guys know better. Pls tell me.

Pls make use of the miniSIM card nearby for size reference, thank you.


It's a coax receptacle with an internal N/C switch.

The N/C switch brings a 50Ohm connection between the onboard/default (e.g. PCB trace type) antenna and the RF transceiver (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G/4G or whatever). When an external antenna is plugged into the receptacle, the default antenna gets disconnected from the transceiver. It also enables a connection to measurement equipment (e.g. spectrum analyzer) to measure the transmit/receive power.

Murata's SWF series and Hirose's MS-156C series are quite popular.

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