I needed an LM565 to simulate, but unfortunately, the software did not have that LM565, and I accidentally saw this code on the Internet! But I do not know how to give this code to the software! The code is available in the following file



I spent a whole day understanding this PDF file and the code inside it and I was confused. Because I do not know how to use this code! But in order for you to better understand my question, I ask in a different way so that your time and mine are not wasted. I use this software:

enter image description here

When I put the LM565 chip on the schematic from the library, I realized that it could not be simulated with this chip, or in other words, it did not have a file PSpice! Well, I searched the internet for this piece, but I did not find it, but I managed to find a PDF that has a code in it, and I have no familiarity with this code! And I do not know how to use it. How do I copy the code inside this PDF file? I mean, in some places this code went to the next line and I was confused, I do not know how to copy this code! That I do not have a problem in simulation! Because I am not familiar with the format of this code and I always use the graphical interface to simulate the circuit.

when I copied the code I said to myself, is this + now for addition, or does it have another use ?! Because I saw this example in a document. And well, I'm not familiar with this code either, I just want my circuit to work, that's it!

I came across this text in an educational document and realized that this program is a subcircuit netlist. But I still do not know how to use this code snippet ?!

enter image description here

enter image description here

Now I had to go and design this IC (lm565) in the software, I guessed to myself that maybe this code was given to the schematic of that chip! But I came across this page and got stuck here!

enter image description here

So what is the best way or the fastest way that I can use this code and be able to deliver this circuit to our college teacher! I just want this circuit to answer! I will do whatever you say so that this circuit will respond.

My Circuit


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