I'm looking for pin headers for SWD/JTAG and STDC-14 (SWD + VCP) interfaces. The ones that can be used together with a STD14 cable from STLink V3 mini.

I found the 10-pin connector that I need on digikey: enter image description here

Could anybody help me to identify the part number for a similar part for 14-pin connector? Like on this board: enter image description here


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I found the following parts (with the key in the middle and without sides) for soldering on the target boards:

  • Samtec FTSH-107-01-L-DV-K: is the SMD connector with 14 pins (STDC14), however:
    • Samtec FTSH-107-01-L-DV-K-TR is what I found first
    • Samtec FTSH-107-01-L-DV-K-A is the model as described in STLink V3Set documentation
  • Samtec FTSH-105-01-L-DV-K-TR is the SMD connector with 10 pins (ARM10)

Also, I found the following pars for making flat ribbon adapter cables:

  • Harwin M50-3300542 (10 pin, 2 rows header)
  • Harwin M50-3300742 (14 pin, 2 rows header)
  • Harwin ‎M20-1060400 or JST RE-04‎ (4 pin, 1 row cable connector) : for making an adaptor to BluePill

Existing cables:

  • STDC14 to STDC14: Samtec FFSD-07-D-05.90-01-N-R

Use the search similar on your item in Digikey, select all the specs you need except no of positions, and hit search, I got quite a few results

  • \$\begingroup\$ I've seen those. That is not what I need. Those parts are "boxes" (probably a wrong term). I need the part without side walls. \$\endgroup\$ Dec 23, 2020 at 11:24

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