INTRO: The project bellow was designed in simulink to drive a BLDC motor. It has a matlab function that basically receives the rotor's angular speed (w) and using N = 6 (N is the number of pole pairs) outputs a vector with the 6 gate signals in respect to the 6 step -commutation method for BLDC to the inverter subsystem called "Three-phase inverter". enter image description here SYSTEM: See what's inside the blocks:
enter image description here

OUTPUT: The output is as shown bellow: enter image description here


1.Is the first graph supposed to be more "symmetric"?

2.Why the right and left slopes start and end in different heights?

3.Why the total amplitude (100V) is double the power supply applied to the H bridges (50V)?

4.Why the slops are not continuous and presents a voltage pull up/down in the middle of the slop?

Thanks everyone for sharing the magic.


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