In the following picture you have a simulation to figure out the voltage on a Thyristor triggered load. The current of triggering on the thyristor gate is 300 mA. What I am looking for is a signal on the load which should provide no voltage on the negative half-wave, while on the positive half-wave a load triggering from a proper instant of time (when the gate reaches 300 mA) up to the time in which the Thyristor changes its polarity.

The real behavior (blue line), only vaguely resembles what I expect. I think I should have to properly choise the right values of resistances and capacity. I guess that could be done by properly choise

  1. the impedance on the RC branch
  2. the constant of time of the two resistances in series with the capacitor

but I really could not figure out a set of resistances and capacitans values for which the system should properly work.

Could you help me to understand how to choise these values, please?

enter image description here


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