I have the Delsys Trigno Wireless EMG Sensors connected to NI DAQExpress and am reading the signals into MATLAB. I am reading the EMG data from one sensor (Ch 1.1) into AI1 port and the acceleration in z direction from another sensor (Ch 2.4) into AI2. The DAQExpress only reads voltage measurement types, so I need to know how to convert the output voltage from the second sensor to acceleration. Here is my code:

d = daqlist("ni")

deviceInfo = d{1, "DeviceInfo"}

dq = daq("ni");

ch0 = addinput(dq, "Dev1", "ai0", "Voltage");

ch1 = addinput(dq, "Dev1", "ai1", "Voltage");

ch2 = addinput(dq, "Dev1", "ai2", "Voltage");

ch1.TerminalConfig = 'SingleEnded';

data = read(dq, seconds(30));


plot(data.Time, data.Dev1_ai0);

title("Accelerometer Reading");

ylabel("Voltage (V)"); %Differential Voltage

xlabel("Time (sec)");


plot(data.Time, data.Dev1_ai1);

title("EMG for Biceps Brachii");

ylabel("Voltage (V)"); %Single Ended Voltage

xlabel("Time (sec)");


plot(data.Time, data.Dev1_ai2);

title("Acceleration of Vibrator");

ylabel("Acceleration (g)");

xlabel("Time (sec)");


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