I own a Logitech Z3 speaker set, which uses a proprietary mini-DIN connector between the control/volume module and the subwoofer. Over the years this connection has gotten more and more loose, causing one of the left or right speakers to become silent, which I would correct by slightly moving the connector around until all the pins got connected again, and taping the connector into place. This temporary fix has become untenable, however, and I am wondering if I can permanently fix the loose connector in place, or maybe cut the connector entirely and hardwire the subwoofer connection.

I opened up the back panel where the female DIN connector is, but could not proceed further, since the panel itself seems to be wired with a short wire to the subwoofer speaker inside the speaker box, and I am hesitant to force open the front of the subwoofer, since there are no visible screws / tabs to do so.

Is there any way to either fix the DIN connector itself so that it fits properly again? Alternatively, can I cut the male DIN part out and somehow insert and solder each wire into the female DIN part?

The speakers are in really good shape, and I would hate to throw them away just because of this loose connector. Thanks!

Bigger images: (https://imgur.com/a/JzAUHJL)

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  • \$\begingroup\$ If the individual wires are colored - then just buy a new connector (or better get it from scrap electronics), cut the bad one, trace the color connection to the pins and solder a new one. \$\endgroup\$ – fifi_22 Feb 23 at 20:24
  • \$\begingroup\$ You might be able to replace both the plug and the socket. 9-pin Mini DINs are easy to come by this this one looks, as you say, proprietary. \$\endgroup\$ – jwh20 Feb 23 at 20:27

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