I am using LTspice to simulate the AC analysis of a circuit. When I open the netlist of the circuit in LTspice and run the simulation, I get the following error:

LTspice error

An example of the netlist that I'm using is:

enter image description here

I have placed an independent current source between nodes 5 and 1 in the first line of the netlist: I1 5 1 AC 1. I want to know why am I getting this error and how to correct it?


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I think the first line in a netlist must be a comment.


If your "netlist" is meant to be a subcircuit, then the first line needs to be

.subckt <subcircuit_name> [pins] <optional_parameters>

Don't forget about the .ends ending line (note, .ends, not .end -- this means the end of the whole netlist; anything afterwards will be ignored).

If it's meant to be a generic circuit, the first line should be a comment, which means *, ;, or # at the beginning.


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