It is my intention to make my own bluetooth mouse.

What is the protocol like? For starts I won't be making my own hardware but will be using an emulator.

What emulator do you suggest I use, and is there any documentation on the web that could direct me to making this successful?


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If you are referring to Bluetooth (as opposed to a typical mouse protocol), then it's a large and complex standard with many protocols/modes, rather like like USB.

BT Layout

Like USB, it has an HID (Human Interface Device - bt.org link) profile, which is used for mice, keyboards, game controllers, pointing devices, etc. There is also the RFCOMM mode you may want to look at, which essentially emulates a serial port like RS232. You can obtain cheap and easy to use modules that can act as a server or client in this mode (e.g. I have used one here in a prototype device, purchased from eBay for ~£5 in a quantity of 5)

All the major vendors like Digikey, Mouser, Farnell do various BT modules. Also, as mentioned, have a look on eBay for "Bluetooth Module HC-05".

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