MD\F 0 1
00 0 1

01 0 1

11 1 1

10 0 0

this is a karnaugh map.

Now , I take in horizontal 1 1 . As a result I have M*D. The F is 0 if we see that it means NOT F and we have 1 so F it remains F. The F I can erase it ,is that right? I have the equation for horizontal

M*D + ..

After this,I want after + of that equation to fill it with the vertically the 1 1 I have. As we see vertically I have 1.As a result we have F. that means our equation goes like this

M*D + F

After this I feel I don't make it right.I look at MD in the first row are

     M D      and we have F
     0 0                  1 

so it is not M NOT D.Lets write it M' D'

for the second row 01 of the MD
it is 01 and in the vertically we have 1. NOT M *D ,lets write this M'*D

that comes to this the equation is M*D + F(M'D' * M'*D). I simplify the equation so it is

M*D +F*M'

Is right the equation?


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Yes $$MD+F\mathop{\overline{M}}$$ is the right answer.

The upper vertical group 11 is for M=0 and F=1. You do not consider D since it is the variable that is changing state inside the group.

Check this: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/a/555144/254042

You do not need to rethink the Boolean simplification properties when using K-maps. You apply rules and get the simplified expression otherwise it would be useless.


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