what is the formula for caculating inductance on the basis of

1)No of turns. 2)Diameter of the wire 3)Diameter of the wounded circle. ?

how to calculate the capacitance value in ceramic capacitor ? which is given as 104 or 103 or 102 etc.

Give me the equation or calculation technique....


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For ceramic capacitor values, the first two digits are the value, the third digit is the tens multiplier, in picofarads.


104 = 10 * 10000 = 100 nF = 0.1 microfarad
102 = 10 * 100 = 1000 pf = 1 nanofarad
183 = 18 * 1000 = 18 nF = 0.018 microfarad

A simple lookup table exists here.

For the inductance calculation, the question does not specify whether self-inductance of a coil with an air-core or some other core is required, or mutual inductance of multiple coils. In any case, this Wikipedia link provides calculation methods; On the assumption that a single coil with an air core is under discussion, this formula will serve the purpose.

For a single layer solenoid, or a circular loop, the relevant formulae are listed in the table on that page.


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