I'm having a hard time determining if this mux will work for my application: https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/256/MAX14752-MAX14753-1515255.pdf

I'm trying to use 2 of these together in a PCB I'm designing to be able to switch 16 different voltages (ranging from 2.5v - 58v) from a 16 cell LifePo4 battery bank to a single output (voltage divider) then into an ADS1115 in order to be able to read each individual cell voltage in the battery bank from a raspberry pi.

the datasheet shows:

VDD to VSS .............................................................-0.3V to +72V

From my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) means from the positive voltage source to the negative or ground?

Since the maximum it looks like the mux can pass is whatever you're feeding it from Vdd, I believe this would fit my requirement of 2.5v - 58v?

Before I commit to this design I would love for someone who actually knows what their doing to confirm or not that this will work.

As an aside, I recently discovered (through another thread on stack exchange) that BMS muxes exist that would fit my criteria as well however they appear to be a little too complicated for my uses at this point and I'm still a little shaky on understanding how to operate those chips via SPI. (If someone has a good reference of one of the Maxim or Ti BMS chips being operated by a raspberry pi it would be greatly appreciated! There doesn't appear to be any write-ups on using these over SPI with the Pi (in python) just with the arduino using C++ which I can somewhat understand but would rather get something simpler going at least at first as I kind of need this up and running ASAP)

Thanks in advance for any help on this!


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