I'm using MPS2940A Digital Multi-phase Controller with PMBus interface for IMVP8/9 for a PC design that uses Tiger Lake UP3 CPU.

Unfortunately, I can't share the datasheet for confidentiality reasons but I found a datasheet for a similar MPS device MP2949A.

I looked at Intel reference board for Tiger Lake CPU. I saw that they used 2 Cell / 3 Cell Narrow VDC Charger with SMBus Interface and connected it's Iout pin to the MPS2940A PSYS pin, which is defined as:

Total system input power monitor. A current proportional to the system power flows out from a sensor and goes to ground through an R_Psys

same PSYS pin and functionality exists in MP2949A, and I wanted to ask what should I do with this pin in case I don't want to use a charger with a battery. can I leave this pin unconncted?

Note: my PC gets it's 12V from an external 240V to 12V adapter.


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