I have the HBS860H driver and LPD3806.I wanna know if I can connect this 4 wire encoder, to this 6 wire driver.

HBS860H: https://hardware-cnc.nl/images/PDF/ACT/HBS86H_English_Manuel.pdf

LPD3806: (i have the 600 impulse version) https://datasheetspdf.com/pdf/1422931/ORANGE/LPD3806-100BM-G5-24C/1


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Yes but you need a converter like this one.


Choose the 24V to 5V 2 channel model

You can power your encoder and converter with 24VDC. On the connection from the converter to the HBS860H do this:

HBS Converter PB+ --> B+ PB- --> B- PA+ --> A+ PA- --> A- VCC --> Do not connect GND --> GND

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