In a previous post in the Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair section, I was able to read two signals from my electronic throttle position sensor in my car. I would like to read these values and record/display the % of throttle being used. I think only one of the two signals is necessary since they both indicate the same thing. These are the range of the two signals:

  • Singal 1 (APP 1): Pin 2 and 6, Signal range measured(0.31 V no accelerator pushed - 1.74 V accelerator pushed all the way down)
  • Signal 2 (APP 2): Pin 2 and 5, Signal range measured(0.62 V no
    accelerator pushed - 3.42 V accelerator pushed all the way down)

My questions are:

  • Is analogRead() good for reading this range?
  • In order to read the values do I need to connect the GND of Arduino to the GND of the 12v car battery and the two positive cables of the two signals to Arduino's analogs ports?



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Yes, analogRead() is the right approach.

Yes, connect Arduino GND to car chassis.

If you're Arduino can accept 0 - 5 V on the analog inputs then Signal 2 will give you double the resolution as it is twice the voltage.


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