I have configured 10S5P lithium power pack, because the old lithium batteries had almost no capacity.

So I am having the following problem, the old BMS is a 8S BMS, because I have configured 10S battery pack I cannot use the old 8S BMS, but I want to use it because the old BMS has a chip on it so it sends a signal to the bicycle with it's ID. Whenever the controller of the bicycle reads the chip it checks if the ID is the same as programmed.

old BMS In the old BMS picture, yellow circles are positive and negative terminal for Lithium battery pack. Pink circle are the power outputs. Red circle are the charging cables on the old BMS.

So, now the following:

  • I want to use the old BMS still be in place for the chip that is programmed with a bicycle.
  • I want to use 10S new BMS

So how do I connect the old BMS with a new BMS? The new BMS will be connected with the battery pack And it has -P (Power negative), -C (Charging negative) and -B (battery negative).

The old BMS must be able to power on, but the new BMS will be doing the balancing.



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