I need to calculate the total impedance of a 3 mm diameter wire loop of 320 µm magnet wire with 5 mm of feed length at 3 GHz. My approach is:

$$ \newcommand{\subs}[1]{Z_{\text{#1}}} \newcommand{\Z}[1]{\subs{#1}} \newcommand{\R}[1]{\subs{#1}} \Z{tot}=2\Z{feed}+\Z{loop} $$ with \$\Z{loop} = \R{loss} + j\omega L\$, where \$L\$ is the current loop inductance and \$\Z{feed}\$ the feed line impedance.

  • Is this correct and can I impedance match a 50 Ω SMA feed to the wire?
  • How do you calculate the impedance of two parallel wires?

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