I'm looking for book recommendation on "signals and systems" that will cover all the topics mentioned in the following list

Signals and Systems:

Linear time invariant systems:

  • impulse response,
  • transfer function and frequency response of first- and second order systems, -convolution.

Random signals and noise:

  • probability,
  • random
  • variables,
  • probability density function,
  • autocorrelation,
  • power spectral density.
  • Sampling theorem,

Discrete-time systems:

  • impulse and frequency response,
  • IIR and FIR filters.

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There are many books that cover these topics - one of the better ones I have read a fair amount of is Signals, Systems and Transforms (now in it's 4th edition). I think this covers all (or most of) of your list.

Also, for free options, Wikibooks is developing an increasingly good library on EE and related Math subjects. There is a Signals and Systems Wkibook that might be worth checking out, as well as the main EE Wikibook page which lists the other books, and the DSP and Mathematics pages.


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