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It looks like it just needs an MCU for logic supply, step and direction plus another higher voltage supply; that, along with eight external FETs. Is there a more detailed guide somewhere on how to design a circuit for the A4989?

I happened to find this PCB that goes with the A4989. There is a lot more on there than eight drivers, two signals and two supplies. Also, the typical application diagram in the A4989's datasheet didn't have any capacitors (which concerns me).

Ideally, I would prefer to just find a nearly all-in-one chip module like how DVR8825 dev board's size. But it seems anything around 4 A max has a large form factor (e.g., DVR6575). That is why I'm looking into designing something that uses the A4989.

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No, it isn't that simple - that is just a block diagram.

For more details, see the A4989 Demo Board schematic and PCB layout.


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