I would like to ask about I2C sensor's interrupt pins connection to STM32F. I use ADXL345 Ggyro sensor. I would like to connect sensor to STM32F446RE (64 LQFP). But I do not know what I need to know about it? How can decide which STM pins right for INT1 and INT2?

Also I use I2C3 port for ADXL. I do not know only one point how to connect INT1 and INT2 pin?

Datasheet of STM32F446: https://static6.arrow.com/aropdfconversion/ff3e5f6c95ecaedac15f282df78dd9579fbd73ca/201916482129812dm00141306.pdf

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    \$\begingroup\$ Well you should ask yourself why you want to connect them and what do you think can be achieved by connecting them. Just as a counter example, even if a chip has a pin that is named as interrupt output pin, it does not mean it must be used for generating interrupts on the MCU. \$\endgroup\$
    – Justme
    Dec 10, 2021 at 22:36

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The external interrupt/event controller consists of 23 edge-detector lines used to generate interrupt/event requests. Each line can be independently configured to select the trigger event (rising edge, falling edge, both) and can be masked independently. A pending register maintains the status of the interrupt requests. The EXTI can detect an external line with a pulse width shorter than the Internal APB2 clock period. Up to 114 GPIOs can be connected to the 16 external interrupt lines.

Source: https://static6.arrow.com/aropdfconversion/ff3e5f6c95ecaedac15f282df78dd9579fbd73ca/201916482129812dm00141306.pdf

Then use the cube mx tool to help you configure the pin and generate code for the HAL.


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