I am using a CMOD S7 board to generate UDP frames and also an external PHY LAN8720 (RMII interface) to transmit them, which is connected to a Type C Ethernet adaptor in my PC.

A few details:

Connections: VCC, GND RMII_CLK (50MHz) from pmod of CMODS7 to nINT/RETCLK of LAN8720
similarly connected rmii_tx_en, rmii_tx_data0, and rmii_tx_data1.

When I connect them all and analyse the traffic with Wireshark I don't see any frames being transmitted by the LAN8720 to the PC.

Following are my parameters:

module UDP_send #(parameter dst_addr = 48'hFF_FF_FF_FF_FF_FF, // Destination MAC address (broadcast) 
src_addr = 48'h00_12_34_56_78_90, // Source MAC address 
dst_ip = {8'd10,8'd0,8'd0,8'd1}, // IP destination address (broadcast) 
src_ip = {8'd192,8'd168,8'd0,8'd2}, //IP source address 
dst_port = 16'd80, //Destination port src_port = 16'd80

Wireshark shows the following many times, the ARP packets:

Luxshare_90:1f:6e Broadcast ARP 42 Who has (ARP Probe)

And this frame: UDP 153 ✓ 49814 → 1534 Len=111

Could anyone help me find the issue or debug points so that I can proceed further?


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