task xyz(output op, output bit [width-1:0] write_data []);

I have my task xyz definiton in an interface. I want to call this task from my testbench.sv.

How should I call it? I am trying to call it in this manner, but I am getting an error:

xyz(1'b0, bit[width-1:0] write_data [])

What's the correct way of passing an unpacked array of packed array as task arguments?


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There are 2 types of errors in your task call line.

You should not use the variable type (bit) or any dimensions. These are only used in the task definition. Instead of passing:

bit[width-1:0] write_data []

simply pass the variable name:


You must not connect a constant (1'b0) to the op output.

Here is a complete code example which has no compile errors:

module tb;
  parameter width = 4;
  bit [width-1:0] write_data [];
  bit op;
  task xyz(output op, output bit [width-1:0] write_data []);
  initial begin
    xyz(op, write_data);

Here is the code on EDA playground.


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