I am currently using a NUCLEO-WL55JC board. However, I could not initialize the logic analyzer because of the error "Trace: No Synchronization". I am programming it as single-core (Cortex M4 mode).

The watch tab works well, but the analyzer window seems to be not working. And, I have an error at the bottom showing "Trace: No Synchronization". I set the core frequency (4 MHz) as the same as the board's frequency (4 MHz).

What is your advice? By the way, I have a physical logic analyzer device at home and can use it instead of the virtual one if possible. Please let me know.

What I tried so far:

  • Enabled DEBUG in CubeMx as "SerialWire" and "Trace Asynchronous Sw"
  • Set on Solder Bridge 8 on the board (the manual advises it to enable SWO)
  • Set different core frequency and keil debug frequency
  • Using an external ST-LINK device

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Solved! Inattention. "Solder Bridge 8" is labeled as "SB8", but I thought it was "Jumper 8".

"SB8" is located at the side of the CPU, I just soldered it. The trace works now!

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