I'm stuck on the print properties of uvm_tlm_analysis_fifo handle with `uvm_info(). I made a simple sequence item as below.

class simple_sequence_item extends uvm_sequence_item;                            
  rand bit[9:0] address;  
  rand bit[31:0] data;   
  rand bit wr_en;  
       bit acc;                                                                

  function new(string name="simple_sequence_item");
  constraint c_sequence_item { data<'d40;             
  constraint c_address{ address<'d500;                                 
  constraint c_wr_en{

I have implemented with a declaration of simple_sequence_item as the below,

class apb_scoreboard extends uvm_scoreboard;
    simple_sequence_item seq_item;
    uvm_tlm_analysis_fifo#(simple_sequence_item) fifo_exp;

virtual task run_phase( uvm_phase phase);
`uvm_info(get_type_name(), $sformat("fifo_get seq_item from mon in Scoreboard : \n Address=%02h\n data=%02h\n wr_en=%02h\n acc=%02h\n", seq_item.address, seq_item.data, seq_item.wr_en, seq_item.acc, ), UVM_LOW)

But, the problem is that I got the System task was invoked like a function (it has no return value) error message during compile.

xmelab: *W,DSEMEL: This SystemVerilog design will be simulated as per IEEE 1800-2009 SystemVerilog simulation semantics. Use -disable_sem2009 option for turnin
                                seq_item.address, seq_item.data, seq_item.wr_en, seq_item.acc ), UVM_LOW)
*E,NOTSYF (./apb_scoreboard.sv,46|105): System task was invoked like a function (it has no return value) [2.7.4(IEEE Std 1364-2001)].

How to print properties of uvm_tlm_analysis_fifo handle with uvm_info()?


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Note the f at the end. Your code uses the system task $sformat, which does not return a string. You need the system function $sformatf, which does return a string. This is what the error message is referring to.

Refer to IEEE Std 1800-2017, section 21.3.3 Formatting data to a string for complete details about the syntax.


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