I am referring to the internal communication example for ESP mesh from the last two weeks but I am unable to make connections between two ESP32-C3, one as the root node and the other as the parent node, and even not able to send data between the two devices. I am using ESP-IDF.

I have used the following procedure:

  1. I set the type of the first ESP32-C3 as root node (MESH_ROOT) using esp_mesh_set_type in app_main() and I am sending the message "hello world": static char tx_buf[TX_SIZE] = "{\"Hello\":\"World\"}".
  2. For the first ESP32-C3 (as the root node) I have provided router credentials and set MESH AP connections to 1 from 6 using menuconfig.
  3. I set the type of the second ESP32-C3 as parent node (LEAF_NODE) using esp_mesh_set_type in app_main().

I have shared to OUTPUT screenshots; please find the attachments.


  1. Is the procedure I have followed valid?
  2. Are there any other parameters to set or am I missing some parameters?

root_leaf node

root node

leaf node

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    – jsotola
    Jun 23, 2022 at 5:18


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