This is High temperature LED circuit that works fine. I also have to input the same 10K PTC to another controller. But, due to the high reading at controller input, it reads inaccurate temperature because of the LED circuit throwing off the resistance being input to the controller. The thermistor used was KTY81 110. I did verify that a thermistor by itself (without an LED circuit) returns a reasonably accurate temperature on the controller.

I intend to use the single thermistor to trigger both the high temp cutoff on the controller and also the LED circuit, How can I optimize the circuit to produce the correct resistance value at the appropriate temperature for the controller?

The controller is off a shelf motor controller board that takes thermistor input and cutoff on high temperature as set by the user although there is no indication for that. To have the LED indication I came up with this circuit which will indicate High temperature.

enter image description here



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