I'm trying to save an inherited Stiga lawnmower with a battery pack that I thought was dead. It's a 20 cell 18650 pack at 36V. When newly charged, the running time is just a few minutes before the mower comes to a crawl. This particular battery pack seems really hard to find so I took it apart to see if I could save it.

It's a bare bone battery pack, no bms, just three charge indicator leds with comparator and a thermistor.

I checked the cells with a liitokala lii-600 and they're all well over 90% capacity (around 1250 mAh from spec'd 1300 mAh) so I'm considering the thermistor now. When thinking about it I kinda remember that after the lawnmower came to a stop and I checked the battery - the level indicators was still at two or three leds out of three after cooldown.

I have no reference for the thermistor. At roomtemp it's at 10k and when I squeeze it, it goes down to 8k.

Could this be a bad thermistor or could the cells be degrading with too high temperature even if the capacity still seems fine? The thermistor is just pinned out to the machine itself.

enter image description here enter image description here


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Sounds like a standart 10k NTC thermistor. Based on you description the values also seem to be okay.

See this chart from a random thermistor: https://f01.justanswer.com/Poolservice123/1ea3dfc8-6a7a-46c2-a991-13c92210166a_TempVsResistChart.pdf

Maybe the internal cell resistance is getting too high as they are getting older. This would limit the delivered current and would also lead to an early cut-off.


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